Reliable plumber in Denmark

Finding a reliable plumber in Copenhagen and its suburbs can be a challenge. I understand the importance of having a trustworthy professional who not only gets the job done perfectly but also respects your time. In case of critical issues, I am available for phone consultations during evenings and weekends.

Allow me to share a bit about myself before you make the call. You can reach me at +45 2424 8258.


Working area

I work in and around Copenhagen, Køge south to Helsingør in the north.


My focus

My focus is on providing service to home and small business owners. Your plumbing systems and fixtures are at the core, for your every day comfort and convenience.
I am a qualified plumber and has a broad experience in the profession. I use top quality products, and give you the highest quality service, and honest value for your money.


My company

The company has existed since 2003 and has already built a solid clientele, for whom I’ve been doing plumbing tasks of major and minor character.
Besides my own clientele, I works as an installer for Jacuzzi Denmark A / S.
My motivation to start my own company, was that I as an employee often perceived that customers were not properly prioritized. Too often I was required to perform tasks that did not correspond with the actual agreement with the customer. I believe that good service brings happy and returning customers. A philosophy that has already proven to be true.


Nationwide Guarantee Scheme for plumbing work

I am a member of TEKNIQ and it gives you adequate security and guarantee for the work I do. TEKNIQ has established a guarantee system: Danish HVAC Warranty. The guarantee facility for plumbing work.
The purpose of the guarantee scheme is to ensure that domestic consumers. When a private consumer is rejected by Board of Technical Installations in one case, ensure the guarantee scheme to fulfill the order, if the installer can not or will not.


Kind Regards
Hans-Henrik Heick Hansen